Reasons You Should Stop Smoking Before Getting Dental Implants

19 September 2022
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Once your dentist confirms that you need dental implants, they will request that you avoid some lifestyle habits you may be accustomed to. For instance, if you smoke or use other tobacco products, you will be asked to quit several weeks before getting dental implant services. 

This might seem unfair to you, but the experts that offer dental implant services have your best interests at heart. Here are reasons why the dentist or oral surgeon will recommend you avoid smoking as you get ready for the surgery.

Interferes with Recovery

To heal appropriately after dental implant surgery, your body will require an adequate oxygen supply. If you don't stop smoking before surgery, the molecules responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body (hemoglobin) will be unable to function as expected. This means that specific tissues and organs of the body won't get adequate oxygen supply. 

When the body is deprived of oxygen, the process of repairing wounds and building new healthy tissue will be affected. Smoking before or after surgery can cause blood vessels to narrow, making it difficult for nutrients, blood, or oxygen to get to the wound.

Increases Blood Clot Risks

If you smoke regularly, your blood thickens. This will make it hard for blood to get through to the blood vessels, particularly after dental implant surgery. This will not only slow the healing process but also cause blood clots in various parts of the body. If a clot travels from one part of the body to another, it can cause stroke, heart attack, and other severe health conditions. So, avoid smoking to reduce the risks of blood clots after the dental procedure.

Raises Infection Risks

Blood has cells called neutrophils which help fight infections. When you smoke cigars, cigarettes, or similar products, these cells lose their infection-fighting power, increasing your chance of getting infections. So, when your oral surgeon insists that you avoid smoking, it's because they want your body to be able to resist all forms of infections. 

This way, your dental implant will have a better chance of healing successfully. If you keep smoking, the recovery process will be slow, and you might need to spend more time at the hospital when you get an infection after surgery.

It's evident that your healing process after the dental implant procedure will be expedited when you avoid smoking. So, don't smoke before or after surgery because you will be harming your body. Just follow the dentist's instructions to recover fast. You might also be asked to avoid alcohol use during the same period, so don't ignore the recommendation.

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