How Do You Strengthen Your Jawline After Tooth Loss?

10 September 2019
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If you notice a significant change in the way your jawline looks after losing several teeth, strengthen your jaw bone now. Tooth loss can change the underlying structures in your face and jaw over time. If you don't address the loss of bone tissue in your jaw now, it could affect the overall integrity of your face later. The options below can improve, strengthen, and reinforce your jawline before it's too late. Read More 

4 Things To Do To Keep Your Teeth White After A Whitening Treatment

14 August 2019
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Taking time to look your best may involve getting a professional whitening treatment. This is a process that can typically be done in only one short visit to your dentist's office. There will be molds made that will fit precisely to your teeth and a whitening gel will be placed inside of these. It's ideal to know the proper tips for keeping your teeth white once you have this procedure done. Read More 

How Can The Thin Plastic Of Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth?

15 July 2019
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Traditional braces are known for standing out and being made of hard metals in order to straighten teeth as well as they do. It might puzzle you, then, how it is that the tiny layer of plastic used in invisible braces is able to straighten teeth just as well as traditional braces. If you've wondered if invisible braces are all they're cracked up to be, then read this guide to find out exactly what the difference is between the two and how invisible braces are able to deliver on their promises. Read More 

Do You Really Need To Floss?

20 June 2019
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Most adults are fairly good at brushing their teeth on a daily basis, but there are still a lot of adults who never floss their teeth. Flossing might seem like an optional activity, but you should not view it this way, as flossing is essential for good oral care. Here are several things to know about flossing your teeth that may encourage you to start this daily habit. Brushing alone leaves gaps. Read More 

Tips For Undergoing Your Oral Surgery Procedure

17 May 2019
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Regardless of the reason for you needing to undergo oral surgery, it is important to be prepared for the procedure. This will help you with making preparations for undergoing oral surgery while also helping you to ensure that your healing goes as smoothly as possible. Be Prepared For Chapped Lips Throughout your surgery, you will need to hold your mouth open. Unfortunately, this can lead to your lips becoming extremely chapped and painful. Read More