Dental Implant Procedure: Choose Your Dentist Wisely

26 May 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

You can have your celebrity smile back through a dental implant surgical procedure. Dental implant surgery is a modern procedure that will help you get natural-looking teeth while preserving your oral health. It involves inserting titanium metal inside your jaw bone as a bridge, support, or an extra tooth. To achieve your smile, you'll need to find the right dentist with skills and expertise for the surgical procedure. Here's how to choose a dental implants dentist for your procedure.

1. Inquire About Their Location and Office Hours

Engaging a dentist who specializes in dental implants close by will save you money and time. That's because you can return to the dentist after the treatment for further evaluation or follow-up. Inquire into their office hours' flexibility. Seeing an implant dentist near your residence or place of work provides you with a sense of security in the event of an emergency.

2. Ask About Their Previous Records of Work

Visit your dentist and have them clear your doubts by providing consistent records of their work on implant procedures. A dental implant dentist will have a portfolio of their work ready for sharing with clients. Another way to waive your doubts is to check their social media platform or other sites for patient reviews and testimonies. 

3. Inquire on the Prices for the Procedure

At your appointment, inquire about the implant dentist's fees. Do they provide payment options for dental implant treatments, such as in-house payment, discounts, or insurance coverage? If they approve healthcare coverage, request information on the process's coverage plans. Inquire about emergency procedures and how they're handled. Additionally, inquire about their stance on taking credit cards as a form of payment. This will assist you with financial planning for the implant operation.

4. Check on the Type of Technology They're Using

A trustworthy implant specialist should have the latest technology equipment to perform any implant surgery with ease. The dental implant field keeps advancing every day. Therefore, any dedicated dental specialist will try to keep up with the technology and the developments in the industry to keep their skills current and relevant. 

5. Be Thorough During the Consultation

If you're scheduled for a one-on-one appointment with your dentist, communicate your questions and desires. Allow your implant doctor to clarify the treatment and their advice for your situation. Dispel some concerns about the dental implant treatment, including the longevity of the implants. Inquire about the healing process and how to proceed. If you're happy, you can have your dental implants placed on the same day.

Before making a definitive decision on a suitable dentist for your dental implants, take your time and do your homework while using the above tips.