Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your TMJ Symptoms

13 July 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

When you are suffering from TMJ, there are life habits that you should consider changing. Otherwise, you may make your condition worse.

Stop Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is very bad for those suffering from TMJ. By biting down on a hard surface, you will be aggravating your TMJ. Also, your nails will look horrible. If you are biting your nails because of a nervous habit, talk to your friends and family members about your habit so they can remind you of your commitment to stop biting your nails. 

Fortunately, there are nail polishes that are designed to prevent you from biting your nails. If you take care of your nails and if you invest in a professional manicure, your nails may look so great that you won't want to bite and ruin them. 

Open Packages with Scissors and Not Your Teeth

Make sure to always have a pair of scissors handy so you can cut through packaging. Not only will this protect your jaw, but your teeth aren't the greatest tool for tearing through packaging in the first place.

Carry a small pair of scissors in a nail kit, purse, or pocket so you always have something handy to open packages. When you don't have a pair of scissors, ask someone for help. Someone else might have tools that you need.

You might be able to use your keys, but use a key that isn't that important because the act of opening a package with your keys could bend or ruin the key. Some keys are surprisingly breakable. 

Get Your Overnight Teeth Grinding Under Control

One of the reasons why you might have TMJ in the first place is a nighttime teeth grinding problem. If this is the case, talk to your dentist about solutions. He or she might be able to fit you with a mouth guard that will protect your jaw from grinding.

You may also be able to cut down on teeth grinding by positioning your tongue in-between your teeth throughout the day. This practice may lead to your jaw naturally shifting into place over time.

Cut Out Crunchy Foods

When you are diagnosed with TMJ, you may have to cut out crunchy foods. Avoid eating hard candy, popcorn, nuts, chips and crunchy cereal. When eating fruits and vegetables that are crunchy, cook them so they are softer. Replace apples with apple sauce. These changes will reduce the pain you feel and may help your TMJ heal.

Also remember to go to a dental clinic, like Dental Design SD, and carefully follow their advice for the best results!