3 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Take Care Of There Teeth

13 April 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you want your children to have strong dental health, you need to make sure you teach your children how to take care of their teeth. Good dental habits start early. 

1. Create A Dental Routine

Set the standard in your home for dental health. Set aside time in the morning and the evening for your children to brush their teeth. Make sure that this time is not rushed. If you make this time rushed, your child will think that they need to brush their teeth as fast as possible, which is not the message that you want to convey to your children.

You can get a timer or an automatic toothbrush that plays a song for as long as your child brushes their teeth. This will teach your child to brush their teeth until the timer or songs ends. With really young children, after you allow them to brush their teeth on their own, you should go back over and brush your child's teeth again. Young children do not necessarily have the dexterity to correctly brush their teeth. 

Teach your child how to floss their teeth as well. Start by flossing your child's teeth, and slowly passing the responsibility onto your child as they age.

2. Get Your Kids To Drink Water

Next, taking care of one's teeth is not just about cleaning your child's teeth, it is about teaching your child what to eat and drink. Sugary drinks can really damage your child's teeth. Get your child off to a good start by cultivating an interest in non-sugary drinks.

Whenever your child is thirst, give your child some water. Provide your child with variety by flavoring their water with slices of fresh fruit and the addition of herbs and even vegetables such as cucumbers to the water. 

Keep your child away from sugary drinks, such as soda and even juice. By preventing your child from developing a taste for sugary drinks, you can help protect your child's teeth.

3. Teach Your Kids to Be Careful With Their Teeth

Finally, teach your child to be careful with their teeth. Never encourage your child to use their teeth to open up a container. Teach your child to be careful with chewing hard objects, such as hard candies and ice. Help your child protect their teeth against chipping or damaging them against hard surfaces.

Help your child develop healthy dental habits by creating a morning and evening dental routine for your child. Teach your child to enjoy and love water and non-sugary based drinks, and make sure that your child knows to protect their teeth and avoid using their teeth as a tool for opening items and to avoid hard objects that could chip their teeth as well. To learn more helpful tips, contact a family dentistry clinic near you.