Factors To Know About Veneers

16 March 2018
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For individuals that are wanting to keep their smile beautiful, there are many different procedures that the patient may need to undergo. Having veneers placed on the teeth can be a procedure that many patients will opt to undergo, but if you are currently struggling with the decision as to whether you should undergo this procedure, there are some key pieces of information to review.

Veneers Are Not Replacements For Crowns

Veneers are largely done as a cosmetic solution to dental problems. Unfortunately, some people might assume that veneers are just another type of crown. However, veneers are not designed with the primary purpose of preventing damage or protecting the teeth. Rather, the veneer is simply designed to rest on top of the tooth so that it can correct cosmetic issues, such as malformed or broken teeth and fitness stains. By understanding the limitations of them, you should be better able to decide on having veneers placed. If you are unsure as to whether or not your teeth are suitable candidates for veneers, your dentist can evaluate your teeth to make sure they are healthy enough to have veneers added.

Veneers Will Require The Teeth To Be Modified

The thin layer of porcelain or resin that is to be placed on the teeth will require more space than many people may realize. To prevent the veneers for putting excess pressure or strain on the neighboring teeth, the dentist will need to remove a small amount of the exterior of the teeth. If you are to have the veneers removed in the future, it may be necessary to use dental bonding to restore the shape of the teeth and to protect them from the effects of weakened outer enamel. For this reason, individuals should carefully weigh whether or not this is a change that they would like to make.

Veneers Are Easy To Maintain

The addition of veneers to your teeth may seem like it will contribute to making the task of caring for your teeth more difficult. Yet, veneers are remarkably easy to maintain. Brushing and flossing as you would normally is the only daily maintenance that will be needed. Eventually, the veneers will start to suffer excessive wear and tear, which will cause the veneers to need to be replaced. However, it should be noted that the veneers will be able to last for many years prior to needing to be replaced. This can reduce the expense and direction that can arise from needing to replace the veneers.

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