2 Tips To Deal With Tooth Sensitivity After Whitening Teeth With Weak Enamel

28 February 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

An at-home whitening kit is one of the easiest tools you can use in order to upgrade your smile. Depending on how many shades brighter you want to go, you may experience tooth sensitivity. The reason that many teeth-whitener users experience sensitivity is because the enamel is broken down during the process. If you undergo this process when already suffering from weak enamel, then the results can be even more severe. If you already have weak enamel, then it is important to always speak to your dentist before undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure. Since you may have already completed the procedure, there are a few tips that you can use to help manage the tooth sensitivity after whitening your teeth.

Apply Analgesic Oils on Your Teeth

The biggest issue that will arise when dealing with a tooth that has a weak enamel and is experiencing sensitivity is pain. This pain is a lot different than a cut on your finger or an open wound. The pain is often difficult to handle because you use your teeth and mouth to eat, speak, drink, and perform a number of other tasks. The best way to handle this pain is through the use of analgesic oils. These oils are considered to be natural pain relievers. They work similar to commercial pain relievers to get rid of pain. A few good analgesic oils consist of chamomile, clove, and bay rum oil. All of these oils will help to give your teeth a rest and offer you some relief.

Consider Applying a Hot Compress to the Outer Areas of Your Mouth

Tooth sensitivity will cause your teeth to react to extremely hot and cold objects. This is even more true if your enamel is already weak. However, a hot compress is often used in order to offer pain relief. The compress can be made by boiling a pot of water and submerging a clean cloth in it. Wait for the water to cool enough so that you can remove the cloth and wring out the excess water. Apply it to the outer areas of your mouth. Avoid applying it directly on your teeth. Hold the cloth there until it becomes cold, then repeat this process again.

Weak enamel may be a lot more difficult to deal with after a whitening procedure. Use these tips to help you get the sensitivity under control. For more information, contact a dental office like Wallington Dental.