Want Less Time in the Dental Chair? Procedures and Wait Times That Have Just Been Shortened

6 February 2017
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With the rapid way people live their lives, it is no surprise that everyone is looking to speed up services. Even dentists have found and developed ways to make both procedures and wait times shorter for patients. If you want to know if you can reduce your time in the dental chair, check out the following procedures that have been shortened for your convenience.

Same Day Dental Crowns

Traditional procedures for a dental crown involves taking a mold of your tooth, sanding that tooth down, placing a temporary cap, and then making you wait three days to two weeks to get your permanent crown put on over your tooth. Now you do not have to wait that long. Some dentists offer same day dental crowns. These dentists have a lab right there in their office where they can construct crowns, bridges and even dentures. You do have to go through the first part of the process for a crown, but then you only have to wait a few hours to come back and have your permanent crown installed.

Walk-in Appointments

Another issue a lot of patients have with dental care is getting an appointment that fits into their schedules. Now, some dental clinics are allowing patients to just walk in on their own time, ask to see a dentist, and see one within fifteen to twenty minutes. Many of these clinics are also offering after-hours walk-in appointments to give you even more freedom of choice, convenience, and ability to get your teeth cleaned or fixed in the time you have.

Immediate Tooth Extraction

Some dental clinics make you wait to have a tooth extracted. You make the initial appointment to verify that the tooth is not salvageable, and then they tell you to make another appointment and come back for the tooth extraction. Other dentists and dental practices have decided the extra wait time is unnecessary, and patients should not have to schedule two appointments for this procedure. They have the in-office equipment to sedate you and then pull the tooth. A patient recovery room is supplied so that you can sit or lay there until the sedation has fully worn off. If you suspect that you will need a tooth extracted, and you decide to have same-day tooth extraction performed, be sure to take someone with you who can drive you home after the procedure.

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