Differences Between Same Day And Regular Implants

29 December 2016
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Same day implants may sound like a dream come true: the convenience of the same day procedure with the stability of dental implants. But the whole truth is often a bit more complex than that. Here are some of the similarities and differences between same day and regular dental implants to help you make your choice between the two when you visit your dental office.

Both Area Tooth Prosthetic

Both types of procedure seem similar because they allow you to have a tooth prosthetic that fits directly in line with your regular teeth. The implant sits directly in the tooth socket without having to rely on other teeth or apparatuses to hold them in. It creates a natural looking tooth replacement with little adjustment in terms of speaking or eating. The material for these implants is also resistant to decay and other issues.

The Same Day Procedure Is Simplified

The same day implant procedure uses some of the same principles of the traditional implant, but on a shortened timeline. With a regular dental implant procedure, the post of the implant is put in place and allowed to heal over time. Then, the crown is put over the implant. With a same day implant procedure, the entire implant is placed at one time. This can be convenient for patients, and it also costs less because there is less work involved.

Same Day Implants Have Fewer Risks and Counterindications

Same day implants appeal to a wider range of patients. For one, they can be used when there is not enough bone mass to support a regular dental implant. Same day implants are available to patients who cannot undergo regular anesthesia since the same day procedure only requires local surgery. In contrast, traditional implants are a type of oral surgery that requires more sedation. There is also less risk of infection with the same day dental office implants since there is less disturbance of tissue in the mouth. This means it is safer for patients with a weaker immune system.

Traditional Implants Have a Higher Success Rate

On the contrary, despite there being a more strenuous upfront investment with traditional dental implants, their success rate is off the charts. This is perhaps because the process is drawn out to ensure that the implant makes a strong connection with your gums and jaw line. The traditional dental implant is much harder to move out of place when done successfully.

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