Wedding Day Beauty Preparations: How To Prep Your Skin, Nails And Teeth

17 October 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

There are few things you may be thinking of waiting until the last minute to get before your wedding day, but you actually want to get them done at least 48 hours before the big day or even earlier. When you wait until the last minute to get these things done you can end up with a beauty blunder and other concerns. Schedule these following services accordingly.


Get a facial to remove the dead skin off your face, to help improve your complexion before your wedding day, and to prevent your pores from getting clogged. The facial will help your skin look younger and healthier, and it will look better when your makeup is applied on the big day if your skin is smooth and supple.

Spray Tan

When you get a spray tan it gets darker within 24 hours after application. Get the spray tan a few days in advance to be sure it isn't too dark and too noticeable so you can be sure that it's the shade that you want. The spray tan experts can always touch up areas later on or apply another coat if you don't think the coloring is dark enough after you go in.

Teeth Whitening

Get your teeth bleached the week before so you don't get any staining or other problems after. Sometimes you want to avoid eating or drinking certain things so it doesn't change the color of the teeth after bleaching, and they won't be unnaturally white if you have them done a few days prior to the wedding.

Manicures and Pedicures

If you don't ever get fake nails and you plan on having acrylics you want this done before the big day so you can get used to the nails. You want to get the nails done about 48 hours before the big day so they look perfect and don't chip, but so you also have time to change polish or design if you want.

When you want to look perfect for your wedding day you have to prepare your face and your skin in advance. Make sure that you do a run through with the makeup professional that will be doing your wedding day makeup before the day, so you are both sure how you want your face to look, and you both know how the makeup is supposed to be when you walk down the aisle.

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