Equipment To Use For Excellent Dental Implant Care

29 September 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dental implants are often chosen as a tooth replacement solution because of their longevity and durability. In many cases, your dental implant will take several months to heal on its own and form a strong seal with your jawbone and gums. In that interim, there are many things that you can do to ensure the health of your dental implant. Sometimes your dentist will recommend specific equipment to help you adjust to life with a dental implant. Here are some recommended items to have on hand to promote the health of your dental implant. 

Interproximal Dental Brush

When you have your dental implants placed, it will take some time to get used to the look and feel of your new implant. There may also be some pain in the region as you attempt to brush the area. Regular soft bristle brushes can often be used for brushing your dental implant. But if you are having a loss of sensitivity, you might want to purchase an interproximal dental brush so that you can gently clean the area without bumping the tooth and triggering nerve sensitivity. 

Nylon Floss

Flossing with nylon floss is another important part of taking care of your dental implant. Many dentists recommend that you use a criss-cross method of flossing, especially when you just get the implant put in place. With this method, you wrap the floss around the teeth in a criss-cross method and then shimmy the floss back and forth to remove built up food and plaque. 

Oral Irrigator

Another option for dental implants care is an oral irrigator. This machine squirts water at a medium velocity to clear food and plaque from your mouth. This method can be used to avoid the sensitivity of flossing. It may also be useful if you are not able to floss your teeth properly, since the flow of water can act as a catch-all to remove particles that you would have otherwise missed while brushing or flossing. 


Finally, some dentists will recommend a stimulator machine to stimulate the gum tissue to promote an excellent seal during your healing process. 

Dental implants are fairly low maintenance once they are healed in place. These pieces of equipment can help you to be sensitive to your dental implant area to makes sure that it is cleaned without being disrupted. Some pieces of equipment might be available for loan from your dentist.