How To Survive The Dentist When You Have Anxiety

1 September 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dental anxiety goes beyond just not liking going to the dentist. It is similar to other anxiety disorders that can make going to the dentist very difficult. Oral health is very important, with dental visits and check-ups being an important aspect of your oral health. Here are some tips for visiting the dentist when you have dental anxiety.

Make Specific Requests

It is essential that your dentist know you have anxiety and that you let them know what will help ease your mind. If you are experiencing anxiety because you don't know what to expect, ask the dentist to explain what they are doing and when. On the other hand, you might be someone who doesn't want any details, so they should know that too. If you're afraid of certain tools, let them know to see if they can use them less often.

Distract Yourself

In many cases, the anxiety comes from the work being done, as opposed to just being in the dental office. If you are disturbed by the sound of the drill or the sensation of cleaning your teeth, try to find something that will distract you. Ask your dentist if you can wear earbuds to listen to music or your favorite podcast. There are also video glasses that connect to your mobile device, allowing you to watch movies or television shows with the glasses on. This can be a great distraction from the procedure.

Ask for a Sedative

It is possible that your dentist will prescribe you a mild sedative medication to take before your appointment. There are some sedatives that simply help you relax the night before and the day of your appointment. These are the same medications given to people with anxiety and panic attacks. For the general dental treatment, you will be given two pills. You take one the night before so you can get a good night's sleep, then one about an hour or so before your appointment. You need to get a ride to and from the appointment if you take a sedative.

Get the First Appointment of the Day

It helps many people to have the first appointment of the day. When you have anxiety, the longer you sit around waiting for your appointment, the more the anxiety and negative feelings start building up. You might be more prone to not showing up for your appointment when given the opportunity. Instead, try to get the first appointment when not a lot of people are in the dental office and you can get through your appointment and go about your day.