Why Veneers Are A Good Option For Closing The Gap In Your Front Teeth

17 July 2015
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If you have a gap between your front teeth, you might be embarrassed to show your smile. There is nothing wrong with having a gap in your teeth as long as it's natural and not caused by gum disease. It doesn't need to be fixed unless it makes you feel self-conscious. To close the gap, your dentist will either move your teeth closer together with braces or cover it up with a crown or veneers. Veneers may be your best option. Here's why.

Braces Take A Long Time To Work

It takes braces several months to readjust the position of your teeth. If you don't mind waiting that long, then braces might be a good choice for you because you'll be able to save the enamel on your teeth that way. However, braces aren't always practical for adults, even the invisible variety, especially if you have an occupation where your looks are very important. Plus, braces are expensive. While they do work, there is a quicker and less expensive way to close your gap.

Veneers Cover The Gap

Dental veneers are thin shells that cover your teeth. The veneers can be made any size, shape, and color needed to correct the appearance of your smile. In the case of a gap, your dentist applies a veneer on the tooth on each side of the gap. The veneers are a little wider than your natural teeth, so when they are in place the gap disappears. It only takes a couple of weeks to go through the process of getting this dental procedure.

First, your dentist makes an impression of your teeth so a dental lab can make the shells to fit in your mouth precisely. It will take a couple of weeks to get your custom veneers back from the lab so your dentist can apply them. To get the veneers to fit properly in your mouth, your dentist needs to shave off a very thin layer of tooth enamel. Then the veneers are bonded into place with dental cement. The process works much quicker than braces, which is important if you decide you want the cosmetic work done in time for a wedding or big job interview.

Veneers work well if the gap in your teeth developed naturally as you grew. If the gap formed because of gum disease or a missing tooth, your dentist may need to take another approach. The first step is to restore the health of your mouth and then reassess your condition. Veneers and braces probably won't work if the gap is caused by a missing tooth. In that case, your dentist will need to close the gap with a crown on a dental bridge or implant.

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