3 Types Of Tooth Problems Bonding Can Fix

1 April 2015
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Visiting a cosmetic dentist is one of the best and only ways to improve the way your smile looks, and there are dozens of services offered that may be right for you. One of these is called dental bonding, which is a service that has many uses and purposes. To improve the way your smile looks, your dentist may suggest the use of bonding for these three reasons:

To Fix Cracks and Chips

If any of your teeth are cracked or chipped, bonding is a technique that can be used to fix the problems. Bonding is made of a resin material that can be colored to match your teeth. It is made into a paste and added to a tooth. It is then shaved and sanded to ensure that it looks natural and normal.

If a tooth already contains bonding material, a dentist may not be able to add more to it. Bonding sticks well to teeth, but it does not always attach well to existing bonding on a tooth.

To Close Gaps

Bonding is also ideal for closing gaps between teeth. If you have a big gap between your two front teeth, you could fix this problem with braces, but this method takes a lot of time. You could also close gaps by having veneers placed on your teeth, but veneers are more costly than bonding. The best option is to have bonding added to each tooth to increase the width of each one.

To Whiten Teeth

The third way bonding could be used to improve your smile is for whitening purposes. If your teeth are not as bright as you would like them, a dentist could use bonding to whiten them. The benefit of this is that the results will last much longer than if you went through professional teeth whitening services.

This is because a white resin material is added to the fronts of your teeth with this method of whitening. Your teeth will still look natural, but they will be much whiter than they were before this. While it may cost slightly more to bond teeth for whitening purposes, it is often worth the extra costs because the results will last longer.

If you would like to have a smile that you love and feel confident about, make an appointment with a dentist, like Dr. James A. Dempsey, to learn more about dental bonding and how it can benefit you.