How Can You Tell That Your Child Is Starting To Get Tooth Decay?

29 December 2022
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Tooth decay is one of the biggest health concerns you might have to deal with when raising kids. Mostly, the problem is prevalent because few people follow up on their children's dental hygiene. More so, a diet high in sugary foods and sweets, combined with poor care, contributes to most cases of decay. Given this, the best way to handle the issue is by learning the onset signs of decay and visiting the dentist before it leads to tooth loss. Here are some early decay symptoms. 

Extreme Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Foods

Your child may initially exhibit symptoms of dental sensitivity. For example, they might not be able to handle the extreme heat or cold of certain dishes or the sweetness of others, and they could complain about it. Also, hard-to-chew meals require more pressure to chew, which can be uncomfortable for some children. Remember, the sensitivity of a child's teeth is a cause for concern. Moreover, if this becomes a regular complaint, it is time to see a pediatric dentist because this could be a sign of dental decay and the subsequent weakening of more teeth.

Numerous White Spots on the Teeth

White spots appear on teeth in the early decay stages as the enamel weakens and loses minerals. So, get your child to the dentist immediately after you notice a lot of odd white spots on their teeth. On the other hand, pigmentation and stains of a dark brown, gray, or black hue characterize the later stages of deterioration. Note that drastic changes in the color of the teeth can be a sign of dental caries, and its severity determines what color it takes.

The Formation of Holes in the Pits of the Teeth

Cavities are the holes or openings that decay and dental caries cause in teeth. In this case, they form when sugary foods and drinks break down the mineral content of teeth. You should know they are easily recognizable as dark, recessed areas, especially in the front teeth. Note that your child might have one if you notice unusual pitting or holes in their teeth. So, to see more clearly within their mouth, shine a light in there. More importantly, see the pediatric dentist immediately after you confirm they are developing these pits, which will help resolve the problem.

Toothache and red or swollen gums are the late indications that your child is developing dental caries. Remember, if you do not resolve the problem in time, it can lead to an early loss of permanent teeth. So, consult a dentist to handle the issue before it gets out of hand.

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