Three Ways To Keep Your Active Teen's Teeth In Good Condition

17 November 2017
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After the baby tooth phase, your child will have only one set of adult teeth to care for. Teenagers should learn to take care of their adult teeth as early as possible in order to ensure good overall health. If you teenager is active in several sports, taking care of their teeth and oral health is even more necessary. Sports injuries are one of the main reasons that teens and young adults lose teeth, chip teeth, or injure their tongue. Here are three ways to keep your active teenager's teeth in good condition. 

Insist that they wear a mouth guard

Even for non-contact sports such as volleyball, your teenager could fall and chip or break their tooth. If a tooth is broken too extensively, they may need to get the rest of the tooth pulled and get an implant. To stop the possible loss of teeth and stop your child from possibly biting their tongue, you should get your child a mouthguard. Your child can be fitted with a mouth guard that will grip their upper and lower teeth. This will cushion the tooth and gums from any impact during sports games or exercise. 

Invest in Invisalign for teens

Braces are the traditional method for straightening teeth, but Invisalign is a better choice for active teens. With braces, any impact near the mouth can end up cutting your teen's lips or cutting the other person in the impact. If you would rather your child be safe from possible cuts, Invisalign can help to straighten the teeth. Be sure to have your teen wear the Invisalign daily for the best results. You and your teen will also need to visit the dental office every few months to get a new set of straighteners as the tooth width and spacing changes. 

Pack a small tooth care kit

For away games or long days at after-school activities, your child will need to take good care of their teeth. Pack a tooth care kit with a foldable travel toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, strong dental floss, and holders for the mouth guard and Invisalign. Tell your teeth to brush and floss after school and directly before practice. This will keep their mouth guard clean and in good condition for daily use. Replace the kit each month or two with a fresh toothbrush to make sure that the bristles are firm and clean the teeth, tongue, and gums, well. 

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