Do You Have A Cavity? Figure Out If You Really Need Dental Treatment

29 August 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you have a tooth you've noticed has some markings or discoloration but you haven't been to the dentist in a while and you worry that you have some type of cavity, you want to make an appointment to get answers for the problem. If the tooth doesn't have a cavity or it has a minor cavity, work may not be needed. Here are a few signs you need to get in to see what is going on.

Minor Shadowing or Plague

Just because you can see some shaded areas on the tooth, or even some decay or plaque, doesn't mean that you have a cavity. This could just mean that you have some discoloration or staining or that you are due for a cleaning. Get to a dentist to have the tooth cleaned. If there is no major erosion, and you don't feel any pain or sensitivity, ask the dentist if you can avoid filling it. Sometimes the cavity can calcify over with proper care over time.

Pain While Drinking or Chewing

If you have pain any time you chew or when you drink and there is sugar or changing temperatures affecting the nerves, this means that there is damage down to the root of the tooth and gum tissue. This is an issue that needs handled immediately, since this could cause infection down in the tooth and even throughout the body. Get to a dentist immediately, since you may need an antibiotic to treat this problem.

Pain Around the Area

If the pain isn't just around the tooth, but it's in the gum, jaw, and areas around the face that are near the tooth, an emergency dental trip is needed. This means that the infection is expanding, and this blood can become toxic if the infection isn't treated as needed.

If the way a tooth looks and feels is starting to worry you but you aren't sure if you really need to make an appointment and take the time to go to the dentist, you want to be safe instead of sorry. There are a lot of different problems that can arise when you don't treat a tooth right away, and you don't want to pay for an implant or a bridge, and have all that dental work done, because you ignored a small cavity when you had it. Get in to the dentist, get an X-ray, and have the tooth cleaned. Visit a site like to find out about other dental services you may need.