Why Should You Consider Getting Dental Sealants?

23 November 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Are you considering dental sealants? This popular dental option provides you with protection by using a clear coating that goes right onto your teeth. If you're on the fence, or just want more information before making a decision, understanding the pros of this procedure is a must-do. What do you need to know about sealants? Check out a few facts that may help you make your decision.

They're Painless

Unlike other dental procedures, getting sealants doesn't involve drills, metal anchors or anything else that is potentially painful. The process includes a layer of acidic gel, a rinse (getting the gel off of your teeth after it's prepped the surface) and the actual sealant application. That's it! It's a coating that goes over your teeth, and not an invasive procedure.

They Protect You

Why get dental sealants? Primarily, because they protect your teeth. They provide a physical barrier between your teeth and everything that they come in contact with. This means that they add an extra layer of protection when it comes to decay. This is even more important for the not-so-flat parts of your teeth. Even with proper brushing, it's still possible for little pieces of food or other debris to get caught in the grooves and pits of your teeth. The sealants make it easier to protect these hard to keep clean areas.

They Last

Dental sealants are long-lasting. They may stay on your teeth for years after your dentist applies them. That said, they aren't always a one time and you're done dental procedure. Even though they last for fairly long amounts of time, you may need to have them replaced years down the road.

They're for Everyone

Even though sealants are typically used on children's teeth, anyone can have this procedure done. Obviously, the earlier that a patient gets the sealants, the better chance they have at protecting their teeth. But, that doesn't mean there's no benefit to sealing your teeth as an adult. You may even be able to have the sealant applied over existing areas of decay (as long as the dental professional keeps a close eye on the area, making sure it doesn't deteriorate any more).

Dental sealants are easy options for protecting your teeth. They add another layer to your teeth, without much fuss or any pain to your mouth. Like any dental procedure or device, you'll need to consult a professional before deciding if they are (or aren't) right for you.