Seafood Lovers: 3 Benefits Of Dental Implants

23 November 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

There are so many different seafood options and foods for people to enjoy, however, if you have cracked or missing teeth, it can make it a lot harder to enjoy various types of seafood options. Choosing to have dental implants installed in your mouth can go a long way in providing you with the strength and ability to enjoy your favorite seafood options. Understanding three benefits of getting dental implants for eating seafood can give you a better idea of the process and how it can dramatically improve some of your favorite meals.

Tooth Strength

For many types of seafood, it takes a lot of strength to be able to chew through the various entrees. Adding implants in areas where teeth are missing or damaged will not only improve the strength of the teeth, but it can help ensure that the jaw bone stays in tact. The tooth strength is ideal for chewing through things like shrimp or thick cuts of fish. It is also ideal for any type of deep fried fish meal. This includes fish and chips or clam cakes. Newly installed implants can easily chew through these items without causing pain or discomfort.

Tooth Sensitivity

When your enamel has worn down your mouth can become really sensitive to cold temperatures. The same thing can also happen if a tooth is cracked or chipped. Dental implants can replace this sensitivity while still giving you a tooth that operates like a healthy tooth inside of your mouth. Once the implant is placed, you will be able to eat all types of raw and cold fish including various forms of sushi or shrimp cocktail. It can also make it more comfortable to enjoy hot seafood soups like lobster bisque or clam chowder.

Fresh Fish Options

If you like to catch your own fish and eat it, then implants can also help with this process. Fresh fish may feature small bones or tough skin that you might accidentally chew on. If you have a missing tooth, then these elements could damage the gums. The strength of an implant can help protect your mouth if you accidentally bite down on a hard section. The strong materials in implants can go a long way in improving your eating habits every time you catch a fresh fish.

A dentist, such as South Sound Family Dental & Dentures, can provide you with fast results and implant treatments so that you can effectively enjoy all of your favorite seafoods.